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Debbie Korbel is an artist whose creativity has been applied to various media including sculpture as well as writing television comedy scripts and song lyrics. Her work has been exhibited in multiple museums across the country and collected internationally, including a public art display in Times Square, NYC. She is thrilled to include Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, as one of her collectors.

Korbel is a native Californian and works out of her studio in Los Angeles. 

"In the 1950's it was considered impolite to talk about sex, religion, or politics in public spaces or in "mixed company." In today's tense culture wars climate, with the rise of deeply disturbing divisions, Korbel's work touches intentionally on all three. Humor is always the transformation of pain and fear into a vehicle or a mirror to expose human foibles and to promote change by poking fun at these moralistic values."

Nancy Kay Turner, Art Critic, ARTWEEK


"The thread running through Korbel's work is a sense of irreverent playfulness. Korbel uses humor as a vehicle to communicate, to raise questions and to connect the viewer to the absurdity of her subject matter. The artist creates a visual story that helps us examine some touchy issues in a provocative but very amusing manner."

Etan Boritzer, Author

"The figures in Korbel's vignettes interact with settings devised from her own proper stock of found materials from industrial elements to toys, antiques, elements of nature, and especially toys and books -- the later of which also lend a literary, contemporary, and pun-drenched wit to the scenarios."

Shana Nys Dambrot, Art Critic, Arts Editor L.A. Weekly


"The deeper layers here deal with our own extremes - what we tolerate for intimacy as viewers searching for aesthetic pleasure...In this regard, Korbel's works are a deeper accompaniment to the work of Jeff Koons."

Mat Gleason, Coagula Curatorial



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